Friday, 6 February 2015

Ms Clare and Shakespeare

The children in my lesson wrote a letter to Ms Clare in England and I posted them. It was Christmas time and now it is 6th February.

All of a sudden in today's class, Devona asked me, 'Is Ms Clare coming to Hong Kong?'
I was confused, 'Who is Ms Clare?'
Devona said, 'Ms Clare, the Ms Clare who we wrote to.'
Other children were all saying, 'We haven't got the letter back from Ms Clare yet.'
'Oh, Ms Clare! You saw the notice about the Shakespeare workshop which Ms Clare is going to give in the holiday!'
'Yes, Ms Clare! Yes, Ms Clare!'
'Oh, Ms Clare has been very busy with her writing and now she has some time and she would like to come here to meet you all. Plus, she will give each of you a present! And of course, she will come to our lesson and have some drama games with all of us!'

Never underestimate a child's memory and always keep your promises to a child. So Ms Clare is coming to visit our Friday writing class students with a lot of presents from Oxford! And Ms Clare will give two workshops on Shakespeare. I can't wait.

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